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Battle of the Sides

Have you ever had a meal that you were really looking forward to, but then you ate it and still found yourself hungry? Well this may due to the sides you chose to go along with your dish. Sometimes, the main part of the meal can be the best part, but if the sides don’t compliment it, you are left feeling unsatisfied. Fortunately for you, Tiff’s Burger presents a good ‘ol Battle of the Sides.  Check out what sides should be paired with certain dishes so you can eat a meal and leave the table feeling fully satisfied with each mouthful you eat.


Let the Battle of the Sides begin!


Even though it may not be exceptionally cold YET, we have no doubt that winter will show up and hit us like a truck. So our first sides to compete are going to be ones you can pair with your favorite warm winter meals.


A popular favorite for any winter meal usually includes a slow cooker. So our first meal that is going to have two competing sides is:


Pulled Pork/Turkey Sliders!


 Pull Pork

Image via Tiff’s Burger


You may think the best kind of side to have with meal would be fries or onion rings because they can complement the hands-on nature of the sandwich, but that is incorrect. Take a look:


In this corner, coming in at a whopping 2lbs, with a great reputation to fill its competitors, is…. Mashed potatoes! You guessed it! Mashed potatoes are one of the most filling sides we know, so when you decide to break out those slow cooker meals, like pulled pork or a chicken dish, remember to your favorite variation of mashed potatoes.


 Mac n Cheese

Image via Food Network


Now in the other corner, we have a smaller, but just as ferocious competitor known as… Corn! We’re sure you wouldn’t think to have this summer and fall-favorite in the winter, but corn is such a versatile vegetable! It can be creamed, made into a soup or a casserole, and in many cases, popped. With so many different options, corn is easily one of the best sides to choose for your slow cooker meals.



Image via Food Network


We will have to see who wins on your kitchen table this winter!


This next meal is something that you can have all year around even if your grill is turned off for the season. Take a look at this grill favorite:





Image via Tiff’s Burger

No matter the season, a burger is good all year round. This meal is easy in every way! Easy to plan, to make, and to eat. The only difficult part is picking your favorite side to go with it. That is where our next round of Battle of the Sides comes into play.


Our next two competitors are heading to the ring now, and the crowd is going wild! Especially since the competitors are huge FAMILY rivals!


First into the ring is the classic French Fry! Nothing can beat the classics, or can it? Burgers are traditionally served with fries and there’s no reason to change that now. This side will not only satisfy your hunger, but also your need for a comfort meal!



Image via Tiff’s Burger


Right behind his older brother comes the younger, newer, Firecracker Fries! Can he beat the original record setter with his spicy punches? He offers that little bit of extra spice you are looking for in your meal when you need it. This side seems like he can really give his all to those who are looking for a great comfort meal with some spiciness. Question is, are you ready to have this mouthwatering experience?


 More Fries

Image via Tiff’s Burger


Who will win?

Comment below and let us know what sides have won your Battle of the Sides! Make sure you visit Tiff’s Burger to give some of these sides a try!

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