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You waited all week for the weekend to arrive, to spend a nice day relaxing, without a care in the world. Then reality hits – you have a dozen errands to run, and with a new season approaching, this means it’s time to take the kids shopping for new spring clothes. It sounds like you need to take the family shopping at the Rockaway Mall this weekend! Because there’s nothing more enjoyable than dragging your children from store to store while trying to shop, right? If your kids are a little less than cooperative in a store, bribe them with a reward! Take them to Tiff’s Burger for a post-shopping bite to eat! There is no better way to reward children than taking them out for their favorite meal. And hey, it will be a reward for you as well.

Tiff’s is the perfect place to take the kids out to eat after a long day of shopping. Tiff’s offers multiple combo kids meal options that are sure to satisfy even your pickiest eater. Not only will your kids and their tummies be satisfied, you and your wallet will be satisfied as well. All of Tiffs’ combo kids meals are under $5, and all kids meals are served with French fries as well as a fountain beverage. Tiff’s combo kids meals offer something for everyone. Whether your son or daughter will eat nothing but grilled cheese or chicken strips, you can rest assured that Tiff’s has got you covered.

Tiff’s Burger is more than just burgers, but if a burger and fries is your kids’ go-to meal, Tiff’s is the perfect place for it. You cannot go wrong with feeding your kids the best burger in New Jersey!


Image via Tiff’s Burger

You can never go wrong with the classics. If your son or daughter is strictly a grilled cheese kid, they will be overjoyed to be able to enjoy their favorite sandwich paired with some delicious French fries.



Image via Tiff’s Burger

Chicken strips are meant to be a kid’s favorite, but let’s be honest – chicken strips are really everyone’s favorite. With French fries and a soda on the side, this makes for the perfect combo meal to satisfy kids of all ages. Don’t be sad, Tiff’s offers an adult size chicken strips meal as well!


Image via Tiff’s Burger

If a hot dog is a treat that your kids look forward to every summer, surprise them to this special meal any time of year at Tiff’s. A hot dog and French fries are almost as perfect together as a burger and fries! The only question your kids will need to answer is, ketchup or mustard?

hot dog 

Image via Tiff’s Burger

Tiff’s lives to serve great burgers and other homemade recipes, using the freshest and finest quality ingredients, all in a fun, family atmosphere. At Tiff’s, you can feed your kids delicious and healthy meals that they are sure to love, all at a great price. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you! Tiff’s offers many options that are just as delicious and satisfying for adults as well. We hope to see you and your family sometime soon!

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